eBay and Conversation

On the weekend, Sienna got this...
...a Hello Kitty cd player. She was very excited and has been playing the two cds I burnt her from itunes ever since (High School Musical soundtracks - her choice - and a Frances England album - my choice). When she asked for the boom box after seeing it in the Myer toy sale catalogue, it was on the condition that she sacrificed something she already had, so she agreed to sell her Fisher Price Little People Kingdom Castle set and the accessories...

I'm over ebaying for the time being, so if anyone is interested, it is ideal for 2-5 year olds. This first picture is the castle and the original people/props included, the second picture is the whole collection with the other extras she has. If anyone wants it, we're in Upwey, outer East of Melbourne and you can have the lot for $20, just email me :)

Yesterday morning the kids and I had a little photo session in the garden - mostly Alannah, with some shots of Jude. I overheard a funny little conversation between Lana and Sienna this morning..
A: Do I look really beautiful?
S: Yes
A: Really and really beautiful, like a rose?

Funny cute girl. She looks so grown up, she's only recently turned 5 would you believe. She and Sienna are a funny contrast.

So I have been ebaying today, I added ten scrapbooking books, most of them brand new from Memory Makers. Some great books, I just have way too much clutter as it is :) You can check them out here if you're interested.

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