Here are some photos of my cute little people, took these on Monday morning.

Am SO tired. Big day shooting a wedding. It went really well, though, and I love the couple - they are super cute. Now is time for my second phase of nerves to arise.

Ben and I worked out I have a six-phase response to photography jobs, most particularly weddings. !. Before the day - anticipation (negative), wondering if I will do well, get the shots etc. 2. On the day - enjoyment (positive), happy with how the shoot is going, confident the shots are good.3. After the day - anticipation (negative), worried if I was completely wrong and when I go to edit them will they all be rubbish. 4. During editing - satisfaction (positive), happy with the photos, love some, confident in their quality. 5. Upon sending them to client - anticipation (negative), thinking I was all wrong again, and the client will hate them. Or they are actually good but the client will still hate them. 6. Upon hearing back - satisfaction (positive), happy and confident because they love the photos, the shoot is officially a success.

Phew. So am building up my step 2 at the moment.

Got something cute I started the other day, will try and finish it soon so I can show all.


Mel Diener said...

Thanks for sharing your photography highs and lows...I'm going through EXACTLY the same thing lol.

Anonymous said...

hi. i just have to say that i love your style.. you are so good!!