Class Kits

I've been working on class kits for Kiti Q over the past couple of days, and there are now two new class kits on the site. Very limited quantities at the moment (just one 'Be Real' kit and two 'City of Light' kits), with slightly less limited quantities to come ;)

Here are a few detail shots of the pages you can create with the kits.

The kids are a bit unwell at the moment - not completely miserable, just kind of tired and grizzly. Sienna is losing her voice, so is all croaky. And Ash is still going through tissues at a rate of knots. Lovely stuff. LOL.

Yesterday we had a picnic lunch down in the backyard - Sienna collected chestnuts from the ground beneath the horse-chestnut tree, and I showed Ash how to blow out dandelions. Which he couldn't do, but he was quite impressed with the idea. I set up the camera on some pavers, and used the remote to take some photos of us all. Actually, Sienna had the remote for most of the time and there will be lots of photos of her pointing it at the camera! Later I realised I'd forgotten to change my settings and the quality was still set on low from when I was taking photos for the web. Damn.

Completely forgot until this morning that it is a long weekend here in Victoria, so that was a bonus sort of surprise. Ben thinks he might be able to finish my Danielle Q Photography website tomorrow, which would be cool. The book with my ad in it - The Nappy Bag Book 2007 - is already released, so getting the website up would be a great relief.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and finds time to create!

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Christiane said...

these sneakies are soo awesome!! exactly my colors!! :))