Wow post 98

OK I know I did a post like an hour ago, well maybe a bit more. But since then I just did this painting / mixed media thing and I'm trying to decide if it's crap or great. Really not sure. It's about 16" square, and is mixed media due to the addition of ribbon, trim and book paper. The text at the bottom says "we are beautiful monsters - some of us angels" from an older poem.

Also here is a photo of Ash running amok around the yard. He is SUPPOSED to stay on the verandah (due to the dangerous concrete steps nearby) but in fact went for a very fast wander all over the place, sans pants. Or shoes.

Post 98 means my post 100 giveaway is nearly here... still not decided what tho, LOL. Suggestions / requests are welcome ;)

Dance, sing, create. The sun is shining today.

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Mel Diener said...

NO, it doesn't look crap at all..I love it. I think it is very unique as is all your work. Been lurking a bit, thought it was about time I came out of hiding and praised you on your awesome work.

Mel xxx