Pictures and a donation

This is the final incarnation of my painting 'beauty', from last Friday. Yep, took the trims off. LOL. The painting is 16" square and 1.5" deep. I've donated it to the fantastic fundraiser Crop For Kids which I'm going to next Friday, and Kiti Q will be there with a stall as well. I'm not sure how it's being used - prize/auction/raffle whatever - but if you can't go to the fundraiser and you love the painting, you could always email Wendy or Ange - you never know ;) EDITED TO ADD: Apparently it will be sold in a silent auction, so if anyone wants to place distance bids, email Wendy :) The money raised from the day goes to the Children's hospital, so that's pretty nice.

I've had a busy day NOT at the computer and NOT scrapping! Wonders will never cease. LOL. What a funny saying. Anyhow, this morning I put up this cute little shelves - only 10cm deep - all along the windows in our foyer, which is also my study/scrap area. There is a piccy here - the left half (above my desk) has scrapping stuff and a few things I love, and the right half has some of my vintage camera collection. I also hung this oriental paper parasol up in our lounge.

Here are some close-ups of things on my shelf - this beautiful dragonfly bookmark which my mum got me as a gift a week or so ago. It has real Austrian crystals embedded in it, and is really lovely. Too nice for a book, so it is on my shelf. Next to my flower fairy dolls.

Didn't think I was a doll person, did you? That's because I'm not ;) But when I was little my best friend Rosie and I liked to play with "little dolls" when we weren't too busy pretending to be stuff. Like fairies. These dolls are the actual two that I got when I was about 8, I remember being so desperate to have some because they were the Cicely M Barker flower fairies that Rosie and I pretended to be all the time. Anyhow, they are cute and remind me of all that pretending and imagination. So they are up on my shelf too.

This purse is so cute, I bought it yesterday. Love the little japanese figures on the fabric. I also got this funky/interesting hair clip with Mona Lisa on it. Cool, hey?

And because I'd promised my sister in Adelaide, here are photos of the kid's new beds. Ash's new bed being Sienna's old bed, and Sienna's new bed being from ebay ;). So Ash is officially out of the cot now, and I get to list his baby stuff on ebay. Oh the joys.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the Beds Pic SIS! Looks Gr8, i also love your entrance looks really cool. Bis hugs for the kids xx Oh did u get a new TV? hehe Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Btw Dan, thanks Heaps for Cadens present. Very cute! :)