Tickets, Photos and Sounds

Yay! Got my ticket for Crop for Kids, so am all booked in :) Will also be helping out at the Kiti Q stall on the day, and Kell will be donating a percentage of profits to the fundraiser. Should be fun!

Have updated my links on the right, added a few more blogs I read regularly - there are more but I'm going to update it gradually! Also added a few new musos I've been listening to lately, including a couple of cds I just bought from CD Baby, which I am enjoying. Vaguely folkish alterna-rock, as Futurama fans would say, and generally female singer / songwriters.

Here are some photos I just got printed, and are sitting ready to be scrapped! My cute nephew Jude (in the blue), gorgeous niece Alannah with Sienna, close-ups of Sienna and a funny little shot of Ash. He's talking quite a bit in 1-year-old language, and when I took this photo was saying "cuggle Bu" which translates as "cuddle Buzz". V. cute!

Wild Thing has arrived at Kiti Q, and Kell dropped off some stock for me this arvo, so I am ready to scrap! Feeling a bit mental in the head actually so some creating could be very therapeutic.

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Christiane said...

wonderful pics. have a great wekend!!