Some bluebells are white

Isn't that a bit of a contradiction? It seems like they should be called something else. In my garden it's hard to remember that they're not onion weed, which is just all over the place right now. But among them were some snowdrops (gone now) and now bluebells in white, blue and lilac. Mostly blue, but still. This afternoon I spent a few hours pulling up onion weed and other mess in the garden (this is but a drop in a pond, but it's a start at least), and when I came inside I picked a bunch of bluebells to make myself feel better about the garden. I actually love it. I just hate that others hate it. But I've ranted about that before, so let's move on.

Here is a page I did on Thursday

And now Kell and I are off to see Lisa Mitchell at Ruby's - just around the corner, gotta love that :) Ben and I saw her a few months ago at Brunswick and I really enjoyed it, so it should be fun. Kell, Roh and I also saw Paul Dempsey at Ruby's a week and a half ago (fantastic), and last weekend we picked up Beatles Rock Band for the 360, so I'm feeling quite music-inspired of late!

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