Out of the frame

I've been pretty sick since my last update, just to mix it up a little! The kids all got better and then it was my turn ;) Today my voice is coming back, though, after 3 days without it, and my energy is coming back, yay!

Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Adelaide, I've got some photo sessions booked and the car is *almost* all packed ready for us to leave in the morning. Am looking forward to catching up with family too :) Here is one of the wall art pieces I've finished ready for delivery to Tatum (well, for Tatum but delivery to one of her sisters in Adelaide).

One project I've been working on, which is basically finished, is the Reedy Creek Nursery website.


And another fun thing I've been working on lately is Curiouser gift vouchers, printed on the same stock and style as the regular Curiouser postcards...

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dorothybills..... said...

Take care and travel safe.
Your business sound like it's going really well, congrats! Eleesa x