Tropical Avalanche

I did a scrap page today with some new photos of my friend Sara that I took on Saturday. I love these shots, they are so vibrant and funky, and she is a cute little thing :)

One thing I was really happy about is that I was able to use a quote from a poem I have loved since I was a teenager myself. The poem is called 'Why I Like You' by John Jenkins, and the verse I love is this:

"Just let me say
that I like you
because you are beautiful
as a tropical avalanche
in a glass full of gold"

So I put this on my layout on journalling strips, but with the two words 'tropical avalanche' in different letterings and central on the page. I am really happy with it, and am keeping it aside for my For Keeps Competition submission.

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Unknown said...

Hi DanielleQ, I am glad you like my poem, 'Why I Like You'. I am amazed that you saw it, and that it inspired your wonderful graphics! I would love to buy one of your artworks, but don't know how to go about it. Perhaps a small one, as my house is already full of pictures, and there's not much wallspace left. You can also visit my website. It is
Cheers, John