Two Solitudes

OK, am hoping this is the start of another run of scrapping - completed another layout this afternoon. Didn't start until about 3pm, but it still took over 4 hours, with making dinner, looking after the kids, etc. I really like it, though, and so does Ben (which is important, considering it's about both of us!).

The felt is actually the same colour turqoise as in the flower, but I think the texture meant it didn't scan well. Love the Urban Lily rubons - I got them over a month ago, but haven't had a chance to use them until now.

Have been planning our NSW trip - booking accommodation, etc. Is all coming together now, just need to book the stopovers on the drives up and back. Other than that we have 3 nights in Penrith, my day at the Sydney Papercrafts Festival - Yay! - and 2 nights in Sydney. Fun fun fun. It's great to have something to plan and something specific to look forward to as well :)

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