Wins and Spins

Funny old week I've been having. Found out yesterday that I won the Blue Bazaar One Day Photo Competition - am really pleased to have won first prize, but as far as the prizes go I had been hoping to be a runner-up. I won a printer, Epson 4"x6" photo printer, and the runner-up prizes were a voucher for the Blue Bazaar scrapbooking shop, and some photo paper. Never mind :).

Entered a few photos in the 'Smile with Centro' photography competition - through the chain of shopping centres. This photo of Sylvia and Jeff is one of the ones I've entered, makes me smile. I took it during the photo shoot the afternoon before their wedding.

Was in a bit of a spin this morning, deciding whether to commit and fully pursue the portrait business idea, or let it go. I don't want to float along not deciding either way, but quite frankly don't know if I can handle the constant interaction. Kell solved my primary dilemmas by volunteering to act as my 'Customer Service' chica. That way I wouldn't have to answer all the specific questions about prices and packages - the ones that undermine my sense of worth and the value of my photography - but still deal with photo sessions and orders. Sounds like a good solution to me, now on with my business plan!

My friend Prue gave me some funky cameras today that she got from an op-shop her mum runs. The cameras are so old and retro looking. Haven't checked them in my camera collecting book yet, but they look so cool I am chuffed to add them to my collection either way. Will put up a photo when I get around to taking one.

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