Delusion Angel

I found some new (to me) quotes yesterday, here is one I particularly like:
"I go by many names, under many skies, doing many things, yet am always at the same place. I eat up its power, reveling in anguish. I love, I lie, I am only a human. This is my life, no trespassing. Please." - The Lord Greycloak of Raven's Hill

I completed two scrap pages yesterday, on my day off - mostly spent at Kell's house (if I tried to have a 'day off' at home, I'd still have kids climbing on me as I tried to scrap!). Here are the pages - am very happy with both of them. I love the one of Crystal, and after that was finished I felt like doing a doodle/sketchy one, so the fairy and gnome page worked out well :)

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