Bubbles and Paint

Took my camera into Canon this morning, as it stopped working at all yesterday just in time for the kids being ULTRA CUTE in the bath, too :(. I'll have to convince them to do a repeat performance of the cuteness and playing amid the bubbles - another day when the camera is handy and functioning!

Anyhow, the guy took it out the back of the service centre and they cleaned all the contacts for me. After that it was working - the auto focus was working again (that stopped last week) and it was not having any problems. They were SO NICE and it didn't cost me anything, which is a bonus. Mind you if I have to take it in again they will have to open it up, and it will be in the vicinity of $300. Oh well, hopefully there won't be a need.

Did a new layout yesterday, of Sienna giving my dad a kiss. Is very cute. It took all day, on and off, as I wasn't happy with the title. In the end, I just painted my own on acetate so I could get the sort of thing I wanted! Worked quite well, I think. Also used iron-ons for the first time, so that was cool. Loving the paint at the moment!

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