Sienna Today

Some things I'd like to record that Sienna did today were quite cute.

This morning I was sorting all the kid's clothes for sizes and bringing out their summer stuff, when I scratched my arm quite nastily. A little bit later I was sitting on the couch trying to type, and Sienna was sitting next to me with her own - disconnected - keyboard. When she realised I had hurt myself, she grabbed my arm and gave it a kiss. This was very sweet, of course :) But then she kept grabbing my arm to kiss it better, over and over until I put a bandaid on the scratch just so I could get some rest from the arm-kissing!

She also was quite cute at dinner time. Ben had told her dinner was ready, so she trotted in from the lounge but I was still dishing out the meal on the counter. She went to sit in her seat, realised there was a plastic bag (from food shopping) left on the table and promptly screwed it up in her hands, then put it in the bin. After this she was happy to get on her chair ready for dinner :) Funny chica. She does make me smile.

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