Day 14 - Far off friends

I had another thought in mind for today's grateful post, but when I read my friend Sylvia's blog post this afternoon, I changed my mind. I got a bit teary and felt rather emotional, actually. In a nice way though :)

For the record, I have soft and silky Boo curled up on my lap again ;) Lately I've been getting tradies around to quote for me on a couple of different things, mainly a fencing project, but also getting a replacement front door hung (our house can be a bit odd shaped and I don't have the right tools). Today's handyman person is also quoting me a rough figure on converting our carport into a self-contained / enclosed garage. It would be a studio, but technically could be a garage too. It's all theoretical, of course.

The fencing will happen soon, and I've booked in the door for next week, but all the other stuff I am thinking about (including painting, bathroom changes, kitchen cabinet doors, a chook shed, new roof and gutters, attic ladder / flooring) are all more long-term plans and ideas. At the same time as juggling detailed budgets, I try and allow enough room for interesting outings for the kids, tasty food, enough art supplies to keep us all happy. And I try and incorporate enough saving plans to make another trip to Europe, to visit my lovely friend Sylvia and her family too, possible.

I've been adding research to the quoting and plans and things. It's frustrating and exciting at the same time. It's weird, too, that I feel uncomfortable with skype and phone calls, for some reason it makes me feel anxious to have someone looking at me, or it's pressure or something. Anyway, sometimes I don't feel like I do justice externally to the feelings I have inside. Well, sometimes I know for certain that I don't.

But I'm grateful to have a lovely, genuine connection with far off friends.

Oh, and if anyone knows a way I could do some photo sessions, workshops or so on in France or Germany, do let me know ;) A bit of wishful thinking never hurts!

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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sylvia said...

big hugs, my friend!