Day 20 - Helpfulness

Recently I've been doing some research into psychologists in Melbourne, in particular any who specialise in Aspergers, for Sienna. Her last psychologist went on maternity leave last Spring, and we've been feeling lately that it would be helpful for Sienna to do some more work on that aspect of managing things. Ash has been doing really quite well with having had regular psychology sessions this year.

Anyhow, I found one who sounds perfect, in East Melbourne, and made an appointment, but the earliest she could be fit in was October. So I booked that, anyway, but today they called to say there was a cancellation for tomorrow at 3pm. I accepted that, of course, and quickly went rearranging. The GP appointment I had booked for Sienna at 3:45 tomorrow was rescheduled to 3:30 today. I phoned the council respite we sometimes use and politely asked really sweetly if our carer was available to watch Cedar for me (and later was told she was available and would come). Booked Ash into after school care. Went to get the kids early from school.

Sienna did not handle being picked up from school ten minutes early at all well. By the time I had Ash as well, I was putting a kicking screaming girl in the car for the short drive to the dr. While she calmed down over the next hour, I was very grateful today for the calm helpfulness of her GP. He listened to me and spoke directly to me in his gentle manner, whether I was sitting down, standing up or being pulled by one arm to the door by my daughter.

In a small room with three noisy children, including one very emotional girl intent on interrupting us, he prepared for Sienna two referrals (psych and paediatrician), a mental health plan for her psychologist and an enhanced care plan for her speech pathologist. While I was impressed and happy that he didn't show any irritation at all, I was mostly grateful for his helpfulness. Not all drs have that patience and efficiency combined. I know he has a toddler Cedar's age, and he couldn't resist Cedar's "lolly please" at the end!

 I'm just finishing this blog post on my phone, so please excuse my lack of linking to the 21 challenge here.

 I am writing grateful posts on my blog for 21 days (and quitting sugar) to raise money for homeless youth in Australia. More specifically, for outreach officers to be able to help such young people. I have raised $250 so far and am aiming to raise $300. Thanks so much to those who have donated! If you can help even a little, please scroll down to my previous post for the fundraising link!

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