Day 16 - Possibility

After my post the other day it should come as no surprise that I am grateful also for possibilities!

Dreams and ideas are rooted in possibility, after all, and I have reams of those. Something that I took from Flora Bowley's Bloom True workshop last weekend - now that I've let it filter through my mind for a few days - is a celebration of possibility. Layers of paint are created semi-randomly, with a variety of marks and colours added without specific intention, with the faith that possibilities will evolve out of such intuitive creativity.

In some ways the process was less intuitive than my usual approach to painting, which is similarly without intention but with rather less method, LOL, but in other ways it was a process of more faith and acceptance. It also was a bit more of a journey, with these two 30"x30" canvases being produced over two and a half days. I would normally work a bit faster than that. But I'm good with taking my time, it was quite a nice approach, less judgemental of what is happening on the canvas.

And when it comes to ideas and plans and dreams, whether they're for travel, hobbies, household renovations or new habits around the house, possibility gives them power. Possible, rather than not, means that something is key - actions we might take ourselves, or time, or happenstance - but our dreams have life. And if you feel a lack of possibility present in your life, then it may just be time to follow your dreams and ideas somewhere new. Anything can happen. Taking chances has a power of it's own.

On a side note, the "no sugar" part of my 21-day challenge is going well. I am using Sarah Wilson's ebook as a guide and feeling quite content about it all. Possibly because I didn't eat all that much sugar or fruit before. In any case, it's all fine :)

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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