Day 13 - Cats

Today I'm a bit tired from rearranging storage in my bedroom all day. We have a quite small house and our bedroom is actually the biggest room, but as it also houses all my art, sewing, scrapbooking, photography supplies, gorgeous and colourful stock for Curious Bazaar and The Outback Pride Corner Store, bags full of stuff to sell on ebay, clothes the kids don't yet fit into, the linen cupboard, the kids computer, my desk, various household storage (like inflatable mattresses, spare pillows), video games and so on, you get the problem.

It's fine, it just takes creative rearrangement on a pretty regular basis. Deciding to keep the big suitcase under the house, and the carry-on one under the bed. My cello stays, hidden in a raised corner behind the door, and boxes of books and magazines go under the house with the suitcase. The fan goes, and other stuff mostly just gets shifted around to use up every bit of space. Between my Ikea step stool and the wooden chairs I have in front of the two desks in there, I can reach everything in the room, if need be, which is the main thing!

In any case, I'm sitting on our red velvet couch in our little lounge room, with our ginger long-haired cat Boo stretch across my lap. Neko, the glossy black short-haired cat with a slightly stumpy tail, is curled up to my right. I don't have any time for the cats during the day (mostly because they like people sitting still on the couch) but in the evenings, they are soft and stretch out. Their relaxation is almost infectious. I do like having them around.

And I almost forgot to blog tonight. But I didn't. So that is also something to be grateful for.

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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