Day 6 - Escapism

Chick lit. Romantic comedies, in book form. While I appreciate and enjoy a good literary novel now and then, today I am grateful for escapism. Primarily in book form, this week at least, though movies are good too :) Perfect for, well, escaping, funnily enough. Time out from reality in general, absorbed in the unrealistic yet fun shenanigans of an old Jill Mansell novel.

It also qualifies as managing to achieve some sort of light-hearted "me-time" (though that phrase makes me twitch a bit, LOL), while still capable of stopping periodically to make sandwiches, change nappies and answer kiddy questions. This rewrite of Pride and Prejudice by Melissa Nathan, 'Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field', is one of my faves of the escapist fun genre. Quite funny and gooey at the same time - there is a Mr Darcy character, after all, so the ending has to make you feel squishy inside. If not, this genre is not the right kind of escapism for you ;)

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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sylvia said...

oh yes, i love having a bit of light literature in my stack too, so relaxing and easy on the mind...
loving your grateful posts btw!!