Day 10 - Taking Chances

A big part of Flora's approach (in the workshop I've been attending this weekend with Flora Bowley) is about letting go. Permitting opportunities, and embracing the process. Accepting the inevitability of frustration and awkwardness in the creative process, so that you can move on to the 'figuring out' part of the process. Being open to all possibilities and all moments.

Drop into your intuition. Identify your soul longing - that which may not make rational sense but which makes you feel alive.

To go with the flow of this painting process, it involves a lot of taking chances. Covering up stuff and experimenting. Things which may not work, or may lead for further frustration. But doing it anyway, continuing on that journey. Letting go of expectations. Today I'm grateful for taking chances. They might not always end in a fairy tale, but the process of surrender and acceptance - relaxing and not stressing about expectations - is just as valuable as any end product.

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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jo rosenblum said...

Well said...
and the paintings look intriguing, looks like it's been a fun experience.