Day 2 - Sleepy sleeps

At around lunchtime today, Ash came and told me that Cedar was asleep on the lounge. "That's ok", I said to him. Only a little later did Ben tell me that Cedar had actually fallen asleep standing up and leaning on the couch, which is rather more unusual!

He doesn't typically sleep in the day at all, unless unwell, but he had come in to our bed in the early hours of the morning with a temperature. Obviously whatever his immune system is fighting had him extra tired today.

I was thinking, I know that I often don't get enough sleep. It isn't intentional, but comes about because of the way I work and the way the kids do things. Sienna suffers insomnia and usually takes a long time to get to sleep. Ben leaves for work early in the morning - 5:30 normally, 4:30 on Fridays and occasionally other days - so tries to get to bed with enough time to have a decent sleep. Most days, Sienna isn't yet asleep when Ben goes to sleep. I stay up until she falls asleep, as well as using the time to do work on the computer, or for scrapping deadlines, while watching tv.

Then in the morning, Ash tends to come in to my bed for a hug around 6. I might have had 6 to 7 hours of sleep at this point, which isn't really enough for my liking. But I get to rest from 6 until 7:30 on weekdays, and tend to catch up in snippets on weekend mornings. I don't mind so much how things turn out, though it would be nice (mostly for her) if Sienna could switch off more easily. It made me realise, though, how much of a haven it is to sleep in a warm, cosy bed. Even when it gets squished full of more people than actually fit, especially on some weekend mornings, it is a soft, pillow-laden sleeping place for which I am truly grateful.

A detail of our Orla Kiely quilt cover
Especially my electric blanket. I really love that.

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