Grateful again

After posting every day for 3 weeks, I have only posted once since the challenge finished. I open up my blogging window more often than that, but an information overload leads to a kind of impasse! Too many thoughts, so little time, or something like that ;)

Anyhow, I thought today how I am grateful for bits and pieces I observe around home. I am so often frustrated with mess - which is pretty standard - and look around my house with a critical eye. Not from perfectionism or neatness, but more of a consideration of what I can do to make things better. Where things can be placed differently or whatever. Details are usually mess! But I have enjoyed noticing details that are cool little pieces of our life.

There's a planet mobile that Ash and I made one day, very quickly cutting circles out of cardboard and colouring them in together. It was his idea, but he was becoming frustrated (which can lead to destruction) so I stepped in to move things along, and he was so thrilled with the result. It was hanging in his room for quite a few weeks, but recently fell down. I temporarily hung it in the lounge and I quite like it. It's so handmade and child-oriented. Like us.

Sienna is obsessed with Inspector Gadget at the moment. It's quite hilarious, and cute. She is really passionate about it, though. Spies get a look-in, but Inspector Gadget is the real winner ;) She made a couple of pictures today - on the theme - but I'll have to photograph them later. But a blog post needs a photo, so I'll just pick something now!


Maxabella said...

The trouble with looking around with a critical eye (as I also do) is that it. is. never. done. There is hardly any satisfaction in that, sadly.

'Hand made and child-oriented. Like us.' - I love that. What a beautiful way to describe a family.


happylan said...

Beautiful post, from time to time I get overloaded and despite having so many ideas just can't seem to get a post together either. PS I loved Inspector Gadget too, he was so cool.

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

I do this so much, look around and see the mess that is never ending!
Sometimes though it is so lovely because that mess has meant some special time with the kids.

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

lovely post....and i agree it can all get overloaded sometimes but having a child to create some good child like fun can be a great thing to..even with the mess xx

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

That's so sweet - I love that the mobile is hanging in your lounge room. Beautiful image you chose too - what a gorgeous smile! And I'm with you on the mess - I will never understand how two little children can get the house into such a crazy state in such little time :)

Lea said...

I think the mess and chaos is just part of family life but I agree it can feel a bit crazy. Children won't remember the mess but I'll bet they remember the mobile.

jody said...

I'm with Bron, love that comment. So sweet. x