Day 7 - Making Food

Yesterday I made up a new recipe for Season with Saltbush, which I will upload soon. And I thought, I am grateful for these fresh vegetables to cook with. Herbs and spices to season and flavour with. A reckless disregard for recipes that leads to interesting discoveries ;) My naturopath's advice to avoid certain vegetables while embracing others. At the end of the day, these are beautiful luxuries. I didn't grow these plants, though I could have (and vegie gardens are part of my lovely plans for the yard).
I didn't need to. Which is pretty great.

That said, I do really want to add the vegie garden to my plan of action this year! I've had fencing quotes coming in to enclose our yard properly, and to add an enclosure for chooks too. Won't that be fun, and a shade more self-sufficient :)

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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sylvia said...

hm, do i spy zucchini? yum!