Day 18 - Books

We've had a bit of a book-ish couple of days here - yesterday stopping in at a local book / art supply shop to pick up some modelling clay for the kids and we let them get a book each. Cedar got a chuggington story, Ash a pirate pop-up book and Sienna a 2-in-1 Famous Five chapter book.

This afternoon Cedar and I stopped by the library to return a couple of books, and picked up some others while we were there. Cedar actually ignored most of the books and grabbed an abacus type toy they had, dragging it around the library with him until I was finished :) Anyhow, I grabbed Sarah's Heavy Heart, a picture book - above - for Sienna to read, and she quite enjoyed it this afternoon.

We have lots of kids books, I particularly like those with imaginative, whimsical storylines and illustrations. For obvious reasons, pirate titles feature heavily ;) Some of my favourites are by Shaun Tan, and Stephen Michael King is one of my favourites too.

Do you have any top choices to recommend?

There are only a few days left in the 21 challenge, and happily I am 76% to my goal of raising $300 for homeless youth. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated! The thing I appreciate about this cause is mostly that it's not about grand plans of solving huge problems permanently, but focuses on improving the lives - perhaps even saving lives - and having a positive affect on people as individuals.

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