Day 1 - crafty kids

Today I am grateful for crafty kids - crafty, that is, in the scissors and paper and glue way. Not the manipulative, sneaky way so much. This morning Ash woke up before 6 and hopped in my bed for a quick cuddle. Then he hopped back out again and said that he wanted to do pirate crafts before school. He spent two hours making a sword and hook out of cardboard (which he had started the night before) and having breakfast before I got him to get ready for school.

After school, Sienna hid away in her room making a 'spy suitcase' out of a cardboard box, with sticky tape and using only scissors.

We had a slight altercation at dinner time between Ash and Cedar over this paper pirate hat (pictured). Ash had made it for doggie, Cedar had put it on his own head and then crumpled it up during their tussle. I got Ash another bit of paper so he could make a second one and everyone settled down!

There are days when the kids seem like they can only be entertained or absorbed in electronic devices - the ipad, ds, watching movies, playing pc games. While these tools are limited as necessary, I so much prefer it when the kids use their own initiative to be crafty instead. And they are usually a lot happier for it.

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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Carolyn said...

I love it when kids get creative and see what they can make. Computers are good... but is a balance in these things. Parenting can be challenging, but also lots of fun, enjoy!