Well, actually, there may not be many changes, but equally there might be! You never know :) Doesn't that title just totally get that song in your head? It also reminds me of Shrek.

Anyhow, as mentioned yesterday, I have made up a survey to enlist you - who are reading my blog right now - to help me define the future direction of this blog! OK so it's anonymous, and you can answer all the questions or only one, it's completely up to you. I'd really appreciate your input, though, so thank you in advance for helping out. You'll find the survey here.

In the meantime, here is a sneak of my latest Aussie Scrap Source assignment, click over to the Aussie blog to see a close up as well as a few other artists' gorgeous Stampers Anonymous projects. I'm off to take Cedar to the Dr shortly to check out his wheezy cough. It seems to be that time of year!


Something for Kate said...

done xo

thekookygreenowl said...

completed  your survey :) just wanted to add, I love your thought process about life in general- very thought provoking :) x