Feast fit for a... person. Or something.

I bought the new SBS magazine Feast the other day and have already gorged myself full of inspiration and daydream delusions of regularly visiting the Queen Vic Markets and coming home with all sort of exotic ingredients. We all know that isn't going to happen, but a girl can dream. However, I am still very inspired, and in far more practical ways as well :)

For one thing, I am totally going to try making my own roti chanai. I've intended to before, but this article (p.144) settles it. It will happen. And possibly save my buying triple lots of the roti from our local Thai restaurant.

I am also going to be newly addicted to the Gourmet Farmer's blog and will have to watch the tv show sometime. Their property is called Puggle Farm. How awesome is that? I want to live there. With some ducks.

I suspect this magazine will also fan my armchair travelling desires. I now want to go everywhere and eat the food there. That is all.

Besides that, do you really need a reason to sit and sip coffee as you enjoy a beautiful magazine? I love magazines. I try to resist. I frequently justify. But I luff them with a great luff that cannot be denied.

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