Movie nights (or days)

On the weekend, we had a cosy family afternoon inside with a roaring fire, a movie, and mulled wine (which I had never made before, it was awesome and mostly from this recipe) - just for the grown-ups of course. The kids had watched Rango before, with Ben as well, but I had not sat down and watched it yet. Everyone was happy with the selection and Ben was happy to be able to watch the high-definition version, and we really enjoyed it. Even when Cedar got up from his nap and kept standing up in front of the television, pointing at us and calling out 'Mummy!', 'Daddy!', 'Sienna!' and such.

We don't get out much to see movies and stuff. We have got a bit of respite care available through the local council, but I'm still getting used to having that as an option and we haven't used it much yet. Also I must be getting old these days, and when I sit down at the end of the day I can't muster the energy or motivation to actually go out somewhere! That said, there are a couple of movies coming out that I'm looking forward to seeing. Even if it does end up being on dvd ;)

One Day


Like Crazy

I wouldn't mind a mindless fun kind of comedy as well, though I'm even less likely to get up off the couch for that. Any suggestions? I'm open to dvd recommendations as well :)


Anonymous said...

Another one that sounds good, a mix of love and laughter, called 'crazy stupid love' starring ryan gosling and steve carrell :-)

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