Backwards next day

In the world according to Ash (a varied and enthusiastic place, populated with slightly autistic pirates and the occasional alien spaceship) there are two kinds of days other than today. There is the 'next day' and there is the 'backwards next day'. It's all "But mum, on the backwards next day you said that I could..." or, "But I already did that on the backwards next day!" No yesterday for this boy, no sirree.

Anyway, on the backwards next day, and also the backwards next day before that, I had a nice taste of time off. Ben had two work days off in between the job he just left and the one he is starting. I was sick on the weekend and still feeling rubbish, so Ben did the lunch preparations, breakfast making and general bribing - oh, I mean, 'motivating' - of kids to get ready in the morning, the morning and afternoon school runs and he even took Ash to his OT (Occupational Therapy) appointment. Which didn't go very well, apparently, and required some 'motivating' with a vegie pie for afterwards, but that's pretty standard fare really.

I enjoyed staying home yesterday (when I was feeling better, so could enjoy it more), making dinners and learning Adobe Lightroom. On Sunday, when being sick had cancelled three separate things I had planned for the day, I stayed in bed for most of it, scrapbooking. Sienna joined in from time to time.

I'm at a place where I have so many ideas in my head and things on my to-do list (some required but a lot of 'wants to do' things as well) that I don't quite know where to start. With blogging, obviously! And after that, probably back to Lightroom for awhile.

There have been some lovely positive responses to the idea of photo workshops, so I am doing a lot of brainstorming for that. At least, my brain is storming. It's all still in there, at the moment, so I should really get it out on paper. Or on a computer or something. I will do that, soon. Initially I was asked about doing these when I next head to the Newcastle / Sydney area, but currently I'm planning on Adelaide at the start of the next school holidays.

Oh, it's raining outside. That's a bit unexpected. I'd better rethink my outdoor-ish plans for this afternoon's playdate. This is Imogen (above), Sienna's best friend at school, they have weekly playdates during which I occasionally chase them around with my camera. Not today, though. I might cheat a bit, make some popcorn and let them watch a movie. Make a fire, maybe. That's always exciting for the small people :)

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