You have feet in your shoes...

You know that line from 'Oh the Places You'll Go'? It's my favourite Dr Seuss book, that one.
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." 

Anyway, shoes aren't often on my wish list, as I find shopping for them a bit of a pain in the bottom-like area. My feet are size 10.5 or 11, a 42, and are particularly thin and narrow for their length. So, while it is easier and easier to find shoes the right length, as long as I buy them at the beginning of the season (there are a lot of people in this size bracket, and most stores haven't caught on to that fact with their stock levels), any kind of open or heeled shoe is a bit trickier to fit properly due to width and height. Sob, sob, I know, it's not that bad. It doesn't generally bother me, anyway, I just have to be a bit fussy.
So, I have a couple of new items in my wardrobe from recent expeditions and realised I lack a pair of tan / natural coloured heels. And that I would like some. And that my recent skirt purchase (above) from Dotti would really suit that sort of colour shoe. When it comes to heels, I have a pair of chocolate brown ones, a pair of black ones and then a few strappy sandally bits and pieces I've collected over the years but rarely wear. And boots. I normally just wear boots. Anyhoo, I started window-shoe shopping online.

I love browsing modcloth, even though I had no plans on buying shoes internationally (with my history of ill-fitting selections), and found these gorgeous things and also these, neither of which go up to my size anyway. So it was all a bit redundant. Ruche yielded this cute pair (below) to my imaginary shopping cart, which also wouldn't fit me in their largest size, even if they weren't already sold out. But they are cute to look at regardless ;)
So then I decided to look local, but realised I would be buying in person so I looked up some of the shoe shops from my nearest shopping centre and found that I had a few favourites from the Wittner website... I quite liked these:

and these look really stylish (I wouldn't mind a pair of wedges):

and these ones were even on sale:

Are you noticing a pattern here? Glam, stylish, blah blah, but there seems to be a bit of an obsession with patent in shoe stores at the moment. Shiny. Glossy. Perfect. They look lovely but they just don't really feel right on me. Like I'm pretending to be someone more spectacular than I actually am. Someone who wears makeup regularly and plucks their eyebrows. Yes, I am appallingly unconcerned with these sorts of ladylike grooming habits (the slightly unnecessary ones - I'm lazy).

But some heels that didn't jump out at me from the website, were not exactly on my list and that I ended up very happily buying (even at full price, a rarity for me, unless they're $12 sneakers from kmart), were these:

A bit vintage in style, no? Much more my thing. What would have been your selection?


Lauren Boase said...

Gorgeous!! (and somewhat jealous!! lol) Have you heard of Shoes of Prey?? Its so much fun (and go up to a 15!!), you design what ever short of shoe you want and they make it for you. I'm yet to put in an order because I really can't make up my mind...(and they are a little pricey...eek!) but I really need a new pair of nice ballet slipper type of shoes...apparently converse's dont look that good with 'the dress' and I'm still not friends with the silly blister giving boots!
Love your new shoes- and they new skirt! xx

Lauren Boase said...

Oh and forgot to say, 'Oh the places you'll go' is most definately my favourite Dr Seuss book- in fact I bought a copy for my little sister as a present at the end of last year!
Good Book :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Loving the last pair, really fun & quirky!!  Love Posie

Alyce B said...

Oh I hear ya!! I'm a size 11 and pretty much only shop at Target for shoes. Although I DID buy some boots from Rubi Shoes recently! Plus I'm a cheapskate - hate paying full price for anything, and especially shoes as I like to get new pretty/funky flats more often rather than expensive ones less frequent.

(found you through Green Dandelion)

Susannah Madden said...

I love the wittner ones, but like you, they are a bit too 'polished' for my lifestyle :) I wish sometimes that I could shop for fun shoes, but as a mum of 3 I always end up going for practicality and low price. Depressing I know!

dquarmby said...

Oh I know, I'm the same Susannah! I usually buy the cheap runners from Kmart, LOL. It was pretty exciting to do some actual shoe shopping for a change :)

dquarmby said...

Oh yes Alyce, I was so glad when Target started stocking sz 11, LOL, and now Rubi shoes are another cheap option - fantastic :) Thanks for saying where you found me, aren't those Green Dandelion girls gorgeous!