Creative work

While I started the week with a bit of scrapbooking, that is for a future newsletter for Scrapboxx so I can't show it yet. Anyhow, that was only on Sunday. Since then my creative space has been all about getting cold fingers on my mouse-hand as I edit photos, play with blogs and plan / research / procrastinate / get distracted on the computer.

I thought I'd do a quick share from the session I'm finishing. This first image is how the unedited raw file looks, and below that is the finished, edited version.

At the moment, I'm processing RAW files using Adobe Lightroom, but am using a 30 day trial to do some serious learning, so I'll let you know how I go (I'm halfway through the month). Then I edit briefly in Photoshop CS5. Usually I use IttyBittyActions, I also have a custom vignette action I like to use and a few of my own changes to make as I feel the need. When using actions, always tweak (edit the opacity on) every layer you end up with from using the actions to make sure you're controlling the impact, and also learning about what the actions are using in Photoshop to make the changes. Then it's back to Lightroom for saving and exporting and stuff like that.

Usually I use Adobe Bridge to view my files, processing the raw files one at a time as I open the ones I want to edit in Photoshop CS5. So, there is a brief overview of my editing process this week. I'm also linking up with creative spaces this fine Thursday, there is always a lot of lovely crafty goodness in the list, check it out :)


Anna Bartlett said...

I do like seeing these before and afters. I bought a set of actions from Paint the Moon just last night and know I have so much to learn!

Posie Patchwork said...

I haven't seriously played around with Adobe since i swapped from a back end website to a simple one, those were the days!!  Love Posie