With computer problems, camera issues (aargh!), an interstate visitor and a general sense of re-evaulation, I've been taking a mini-break from my blog. I'd love to get your input on my blog direction and will be back soon with a short anonymous survey. In the meantime, I thought I'd feature a blog post from almost 5 years ago. I kind of just started browsing randomly in the 2006 blog posts and had only read a few when I came across this. I'm in a similar frame of mind now. I don't change that much, it seems.

How about you - do you think your thought processes and feelings have changed a lot over time? Or are you still processing things in the same way, despite having learnt more about yourself?

December 2006

I have many things in my head. Many days I just want to stay home, do at home work like photo editing, scrapbooking and gardening. Other times I want to contribute to a more professional work environment, I trawl job sites looking for at least somewhat challenging part time positions, which don't tend to exist. I also want to promote Danielle Q sometimes. I do want that at the moment, but find it hard to follow through (it involves too much talking to people!).

But I love the photography and the thrill of editing good photos. So even though it is something I know I want to do, I still have to put pressure on myself to take action, to make things happen. It's an internal conflict between peace and quiet, and intellectual and creative satisfaction. In a way - as I have to go out of my comfort zone to make the intellectual and creative stuff happen.

Have I said lately that I think too much? LOL.

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Something for Kate said...

ditto. all of it. 
and there's a quest for balance too. so i try to do it all, just little bits of everything and that should make me happy right? 
but no sadly, snails pace at everything does not make me content either. 
so every now & then I remind myself to be content in the moment and realise just how blessed a life I live & I continue on, for another few months/weeks and then get frustrated again... 
same circle...
story of my life!