Upcycling with Ants

If you read the Artsy Ants blog you will already know they had an awesome series last week about 'Upcycling' clothing. A couple of my projects were featured, including a lamp shade I made from an op-shopped pillowcase and my use of an iron-on (from a scanned illustration) to embellish a plain tshirt...

My favourite ideas are the 90-minute-shirt Sylvia made in this post, and I do tend to keep Ben's old tshirts with the intention of making pyjamas or tops out of them for the little boys... but I never seem to get around to it! Sylvia also featured in one post a book of Sukie iron-ons that Kell and I have had for ages and ages but not gotten around to using. I'm feeling a bit more motivated to get them out and use them now! The artsy ants girls are very inspiring, though, check them out :)

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artsy ants said...

;-) thanks Dan! once you start using these Sukie iron ons you can't stop!!