I finally did it... and a coupon for you :)

Well it's been on my to-do list for awhile, but I finally did it :) Last night I sent out - hang on

I totally just ran into the kitchen to rescue my coffee, which was bubbling over on the stove. It's all ok, everything's fine - with the exception of a coffee-stained cafetiere and stovetop - and I now have my coffee.

Anyhow, yes, last night I designed and created and eventually LAUNCHED the first ever Curiouser Newsletter! Yay! There is a special offer in there, workshop details, market dates (though I have more to book in yet) and - most importantly - a sign up form. Note: a couple of people have pointed out that the postcode field in the signup form was American, so I've just removed it for now :)

So my creative space yesterday was decidedly computer-oriented. But on Tuesday I had a fabulous time with a scrapbook page... you'll have to wait a couple of weeks to see that one ;)

Oh, yes, also the coupon. Redbubble sent out a coupon code for photographic prints and I thought I'd share the love! It expires on the 10th September, gives you 10% off photographic prints only, just enter the coupon code: REDPHOTO.

Thank you so much everyone who has filled out the survey so far, I really appreciate it and your answers are already helping clarify things in my mind, which is awesome!

Now I'm off to get kidlets to school, nappies, medicare and a new ventolin spacer for Mr-I've-Got-Another-Chest-Infection-Cedar, pick up some supplies to make book week costumes for the kids tomorrow and then head home to scrap. I hope. Have a great day :)


Michelle Walker said...

I love redbubble too. It used to be my "art" network before i found blogging.

artsy ants said...