Wedding Gawking

Check out this gorgeous website - Wedding Gawker. A Curiouser photo was featured on there the other day, which I am pretty happy about! They have a submission process for inspiring wedding-related images. I adore weddings and it is one of my favourite types of photography to do... I've kept it pretty low key since launching Curiouser but it is one item on my business-plan that I'll be reviewing at the end of the year. I was *almost* a part of this year's Portobello Bride Market but decided against it in the end. Maybe 2012 though :)

I found out about it through an article on, there is so much interesting info on that website. I don't have enough time to read it regularly, but catch a good article by accident (via twitter or FB) every now and then. If you're interested in the marketing and technical aspects of blogging, it is an awesome resource!


small forest said...

Good for you with being featured Dan, so cool and well deserved.
I need to write some sort of business plan, thanks for the heads up on the site, x

sylvia said...

i agree, problogger is awesome. i actually bought a tutorial there a few months ago, should go back to that one day! congrats for being featured on that wedding site xx