How gorgeous is this?!

Buy the Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 at the Photojojo Store

A huge thank you to everyone who has filled out my blog survey so far, if you haven't yet but would be willing to contribute your thoughts, please click the image below! It's relatively painless, I promise ;)


Carly @ My Life in Colour said...

Ummm - that camera is totally gorgeous!  I'm just a tad addicted to vintage cameras. 

Found your blog, or rather blogs via your comment {thanks for that by the way, meant a lot!}, and then of course found your Red Bubble.... I know this is totally off topic but II just LOVE your Quotable Mixed Media - you are so talented!  And clearly manage time fabulously!  I haven't gone through all the blogs on your profile list... how do you do it superwoman!?  Is there one particular blog that's more your main personal and family focus?  Will truck on, few more to read!  ;)

dquarmby said...

Ooh really? Me too, I have a collection I use for props sometimes. The rest of the time they collect dust scattered around the house :)

Thank you so much! I actually only have this blog that is my own, everyday one, plus Season with Saltbush which I write but less often. The others I'm just designer for, I had actually not realised they would all be on my profile! How funny. Thank you for visiting!