Inspired by Amelie

I've been doing a lot of scrapping these past few days - a symptom of mental unrest, this need to create constantly, but it's working for me so why complain! I just realised I left my paintbrushes at Kelly's again yesterday so I can't start painting my foyer yet. That's ok though, I want to make another layout this afternoon for the Scrap Therapy cybercrop this weekend.

This first layout of Sara I did yesterday for the
Scrap Therapy cybercrop - the challenge was to be inspired by your favourite movie, and mine is Amelie which is so full of colour and quirkiness. I lifted the colour theme, and also used a quote from the film. This is my cute friend Sara.

The other layout is for the 123 Challenge for March - got this done quickly! Super simple, using photos I took a year and a half ago for a present from all of us to mum and dad. They were originally in a full square like a contemporary funny version of the Brady Bunch. I cut them up and rearranged them for the layout. Kell actually used these photos - the original full square of them - in a layout early last year. It was one of the two layouts published when she was featured in the "Introducing" column in For Keeps. I think that was June last year.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing / fruitful weekend!

And a big hello to my beautiful friend Rose, who I grew up with. I finally have her email address! Yay!

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Julie said...

Love these pages Danielle. They both look great.