Canvases, prints and magnets, oh my!

I'm joining in on Creative Spaces this week, though my creative space this morning was less about the actual making and more of a stock-take and putting away of stuff I've made in the past... Now I have a bit of an inventory, I can work out what to list for sale online and what I have ready for markets. A lot of these are canvases I just took down from my exhibition in Upwey.

Since my next market is at the Anglesea Music Festival craft market in October - as planned so far, anyway - I have options as to what I will do. What do you think? Save my stock and don't make anything else new for the next market? List it all online? List some, keep some? I'm not sure!


Phil and Yana Riethmuller said...

beautiful work! if you feel like making some more, you could list some and if they sell, make some for the markets. if they don't sell, take them off and bring them to the markets. i guess it just depends if you want to make more or just use what you have already :)

Danielle Quarmby said...

 Good thinking, no need to commit too heavily one way or the other :) Thanks for your comment!

artsy ants said...

oh my they are all so beautiful and inspiring!!