Poor little guy...

This is my layout for this week's Finding You project. A wee bit chirpier and more positive than the last two :)

Everyone seems sick today, except Sienna. Ben stayed home feeling unwell, and Ash has been unwell for a few days. Yesterday he was grizzly and tired from being sick, and then fell over on the verandah. You can see here the results, tho his lip actually looks purple today - this photo was taken yesterday. He had a blood nose and a split lip. He is only 20 months or something and this is at least his third split lip - he manages to fall over or hurt himself doing the most normal things. Due, in part, to his tendency to do everything at double speed, even if he is not physically capable of it yet!

Here is a cute pic of Kell and her little boy-o Jude. My cute nephew. He is all sweet and soft, and Ash who is just 6 weeks younger, is all tough and physical. A cute contrast :)


leewoodside said...

Totally loving this layout! The photo is esp cool.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

corinne5 said...

wonderful lo again and I am happy to hear you see that things are changing already!


Anonymous said...

this is a fabulous layout! love the arrow and the butterflies. very cool

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Danielle... Hope there will be more chirp & positive things for you in the future.

As a mum of active boy, I can totally relate to you. It won't be the last accident Ash will get though, so brace yourself. :)