Scrap N Chat, Sketches and Class Kit

Yep, I've been a bit slack lately with blogging. Not that I always have something to say every couple of days, but actually lots has been going on - I've just been too tired to blog about it!

This mini album, as displayed at Kiti Q's stall at Crop For Kids, is now available as a full class kit in the store. You can check it out here - it comes with 11 pages of instructions, pictures of every page and diagrams / templates. It was a lot of work but is a really cute album and was fun to make too.

How CUTE are these kids? These pics are of Harmony and Chei, Charmane's gorgeous kids who came to Scrap n Chat on Saturday. Which was cool, by the way. Very chill out scrapping afternoon, a few snacks, a bit of music, no interruptions - fun and relaxing! Bon and Kell are planning on doing one every couple of months probably. Register on Kiti Q if you want to know when ;)

I have more photos from the day, but have only edited these few so far. Been busy busy.

Picked up the paint I need to finish painting the foyer (my scrap room / study, and our entranceway - all the same room!). It's such a nice blue and actually matches the Pthalo blue I love to use in my paintings. I also bought some very cool cushions for my red couch, two are crocheted turqoise, one is white with flocked turqoise pattern, and one is white with a flocked black damask pattern. I just need to make one more, out of a black vintage cheongsam I have (cut up), and the lounge cushions will be complete. Will take photos later, and post them tomorrow.

BIG NEWS - have you heard about the new Aussie blog coming up? It is Sketches Oz, has been created by Tatum Woodruffe and will launch on May 1st. I was invited to join the design team, which is very flattering, and it sounds like a fun challenge so I have accepted. A bunch of very talented ladies are already booked up as the fortnightly guest artists, so it sounds AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

OMG - how cute are my kids!!! LOL... It was an awesome Scrap N Chat and looking forward to the next one - hopefully minus the kids (as gorgeous as they are...)

Loving your minibook and deck of cards and previous layouts!!! oh forgot to mention the other day how amazing that BLUE is on your walls!!! Love it!

Felicity said...

Yay, I have the minibook in my hot little hands and cant wait to get some quiet time to start on it. Its fabbo. Oh and Charmanes kiddies are way too cute. Great photos and how good was Saturday it was one of the best relaxing crops I have ever been to. See ya at the next one.