Red Velvet Lounge

I totally love our new red velvet lounge suite. I've always wanted a velvet couch. This set is a vintage 3 seater and 2 armchairs, in excellent condition, in this cool textured deep red velvet. Looks so funky in our lounge-room, especially against the blue fireplace. Love it!

Ash made the transition to a big bed (out of the cot) a week or two ago, and he's been really good about it. One thing is, though, that day naps are pretty hard to enforce. So this afternoon I'd put him down for a rest, and shut the door. He'd gotten up and had a play - I could hear him - but not made a fuss, so I left him to it. Then I realised it was super quiet, and opened the door to check on him - but I couldn't open the door due to *someone* sleeping behind it! I opened the door enough to poke my camera through (which is actually how I could make sure it was Ash - using my camera as a kind of periscope). Cute though.

This stack is all the layouts I had in a "temporary" folder. I don't really have homes for my layouts, and I rarely look at them much after I've done them. In real life anyhow.

Here are the photos of my real life bag from Ben, and the gorgeous inside view as well :)

Crop For Kids tomorrow - should be awesome, though I am super tired so hope I will be conscious tomorrow. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

That lounge is divine!! In fact your whole house looks divine. Makes me realise how much I neglect mine!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What did u do with ur old couch?? the blue 1 was cool! lol this 1 suits u much better though :)

Mel Diener said...

The red couch looks fantastic..your house looks fantastic.

You are so right, the bag looks heaps nicer in your photos...really cool.

Happy Easter