Tag you're it!

I have been tagged by Charm, so here are 7 random things about me. Actually haven't thought of what they are yet, so will think while I upload a few photos...

We had a morning out yesterday, with a long play in the park (where the kids REFUSED to play in the autumn leaves for me to photograph them) and breakfast in a cafe. Ash was so tired out from the whole thing that he fell asleep for 2 hours as soon as we got home. Cool, hey.

OK 7 random things....

1. Because I skipped year 10 in high school, I graduated high school when I was 16 but I had no work experience AT ALL (not even the standard couple of weeks you do as part of year 10, since I'd missed it). So I did 'work experience' when I was 17 with the help of an employment agency, and later got a job at the antiquarian bookshop where I did the work experience. That was my first real job. I loved the books but was terrible at talking to people. Really, really quiet.

2. I play video games. Sometimes, anyway, I don't have time for it at the moment. And not anywhere near as much as my hubby Ben plays them ;) But my favourite is a fun rpg called 'Skies of Arcadia' which I played on the Dreamcast and then got the extended version for the Gamecube. I played Kingdom Hearts on PS2 when I was pregnant with Sienna.

3. My best friend and I - when we were kids, about 7 - used to tell each other which fairies we could see in our garden when we were talking to each other on the phone. Lying, really, but pretending we believed ourselves.

4. I don't like beef. Much. I mean I don't hate it, but I rarely eat it.

5. I haemorrhaged when Sienna was born, almost 2 and a half litres apparently, though noone ever worked out why. In any case, 6 weeks later my iron levels were fine, and 1 single steak my mum had made me was the only red meat I ate in that time. I took supplements, too, of course, but that is still pretty cool how well the body can heal itself and get what it needs.

6. It may come as a surprise to my family, but I actually really like shoes. It's just too much bother getting them to fit. And they are too expensive. So I tend to only buy practical ones. So my money is saved by the size of my feet, in a way. Though it also means I don't often get sale shoes, since I have to buy them at the beginning of the season before they sell out of 11s.

7. I write the way I think, and can be quite chatty and conversational. But I can't speak in this way, somehow. My thoughts get in the way.

Yes, some of them were quite random. And long, but I found reading other people's random facts, I liked the long ones. They are very interesting. Check out Danielle Thompson's, for instance. She is a very cool lady. Ooh, almost forgot tagging. Um, lots of blogs I read have already done this one. I tag Sylvia, my cousin Bec, Viv, Kell, Vita and two people without blogs yet - maybe you can email them to me? I love reading this stuff ;) - Leanne R and Rosie!

Flying to Sydney tomorrow, wow! I made up some 'grab bags' to giveaway to friends new and slightly older (online). I only made 10 but as I said earlier, in real life I am not very outgoing. So it seemed enough. LOL. We shall see. If anyone out there wants one, you'll just have to ask ;) I wasn't going to make ATCs or anything, but I have all this random vintage fabric and bits and pieces, so that gave me the idea. Fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Yeah.., I like reading a long fact too. Really enjoyed yours. I had just done for Ruey. I'll do one for you when I post again. Glad you like the owl & have fun at Sydney.

Anonymous said...

OH yes please I would love one of those grab bags.... sounds interesting - and loved reading your 7 random things too!!!

and have fun in Sydney - I'm jealous!!!

PS You might be interested in the Mail ARt that i've started on my blog?

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your 7 things!! This 7 things tag is the best ever!! I'm learning so much more about all these cool people!!