Deck of Me

Here are my week 13 and 14 deck of me cards, which I did yesterday afternoon at my kitchen table. Rosie - who is an artist, but never a scrapbooker before - also started the project yesterday afternoon, having bought a deck of cards in the morning. Sienna was sitting and drawing / cutting / playing with modelling clay. It was quite peaceful and creative. I also did a canvas each for Rosie's two daughters, who didn't come over this trip, but I forgot to take photos. Oops!

The card prompts for these were "What's on your mind" and "Birds".

Here are Rosie's deck of me cards she did yesterday as well. Pretty awesome, I think she's a natural scrapbooker ;)


Unknown said...

All the cards are fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

I love all those cards. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Decks of Cards there - Rosie is definitely a naturale!!!
Love the photos you've taken and your awesome layouts - TOO bad with SM...have similar issues too!!! Love checking out your blog!!! and great to catch up with you yesterday - looking forward to seeing the family photos you took (no pRESSURE!!!heheh)Love Charmane

Anonymous said...

Hi i just stumbled accross your blog while looking at another LOL (as you do) and i adore the idea of the cards. They are gorgeous. I'm gonna add them to my list of things to do. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

wow, those are awesome!