Deck of Me, Sneak Peeks and Sydney

My deck of me card for week 15, prompt: your parents. My parents are way cool, and this photo is from a camping holiday we went on in the Grampians when I was pregnant with Sienna. Very cute.

On a Kiti Q note, here are sneak peeks for a new class kit I created. Called 'Always Be Curious', there will be a couple of kits available to begin with as soon as the materials arrive.

Guess what - it is Tuesday evening. Yep. And on Friday morning I am FLYING TO SYDNEY for KiwiScraps - Freestyle Downunder! Am way excited. And kinda nervous. I mean, people. Lots of people. Hmm. LOL.

I am looking forward to meeting lots of wonderful scrapping ladies, learning fun new techniques and getting all messy with it in Emily's classes! Will be cool. And I'll come back with plenty of photos!


leewoodside said...

Love your latest card and the sneak peek at the layout. See you soon... travel safe. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love your card that photo of your parents is gorgeous!!!
I am SO JEALOUS of you - wish I was going with you guys!!! Have fun and stay safe!!!
OH - btw I have tagged you - 7 useless bits of info about you - then tag 7 other people - check out my blog :)

Anonymous said...

love your card...and i'll see you at kiwiscraps..woohoo!!