Had a bit of a photo sess the other day with the kids, and also took a bunch of photos of myself.

You see, the other day I saw a recent photo of myself and was all like 'bleh' but then thought about it, and it seemed so silly. I mean, I still don't like that photo much, but anything that shows all of me tends to have that effect. HOWEVER, I decided to undergo 'photography therapy'. I mean, if this is how I look, I've gotta get used to it. And also scrap about myself (I wrote 'scrap myself' at first, but that sounded too close to something you might do if very scared) at some point. While the kids had their bath after being outside (where I took all these photos of them), I took a bunch of photos of myself. The bathroom has pretty good light. And this painting of mine that hangs in the bathroom made a nice background for a couple of shots - which is where my new blog header comes from.

I didn't really intend to change my blog header, but I did want to try a white background, so that photos can be on white. I always matt them in white, so it seemed more appropriate. Then the old header didn't work, so I did a new one! Easy peasy. Took a little while actually, blogger has changed stuff around. So I also added a new blog I love while I was at it, and a new section with my current favourite music to listen to.

So, pictures!


Julie said...

wow Dan the pics look great. I love th new banner too.

Anonymous said...

good on you danielle for taking pics of yourself! love that last one! :o)