Fires and things

Was just reading the news online, it is all rather depressing the bushfire situation in Victoria and Tasmania at the moment. We've decided that this house is just not really defendable, and we are just completely not equipped even if we wanted to defend it in case of bushfire. So the general fire plan if the Dandenongs come under threat this Summer is to leave - but this means leave early. Still have to find out what to do if it's too late to leave the hills! Better to be at home than on the road in that situation, that's for sure.

My what a chirpy subject! Just what I was thinking about at the moment. Mmm and the prospect of putting together a page kit or two for the Kiti Q gallery and shop. Still thinking about that one. Should be an interesting project. I wonder what Kell will come up with?

Here's a pic just cos I like it.

My friend Tina got engaged on the weekend - big congrats to Tina and Ben!

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