Page Kit for Kiti Q

Yes I had fun this afternoon making up a page kit - layout kit, class kit, whatever you want to call it - for Kiti Q. Here is the layout, I'm not sure when the kit will be in the store, probably not too far away. Is pretty cool though, you get all the products together in a kit, with a print out of the layout and full instructions, and pay even less than the retail cost of the included materials - great value! Keep an eye on Kiti Q for more details. Or register for the newsletter - I'm sure Kell will be telling all the members as page kits are added to the site.

OK, that's my plug for the day ;) While I'm at it, though, I added some of Outback Pride's new products to the site last week. Haven't tried them all yet, but the Quandong Jam, and the Passionberry and Fig Jam are both super yummy. Also is native food, supporting Aboriginal communities, indigenous training, and so on and so forth, yada yada ya. So I guess they are my two plugs for the day! Or week, or even month, now that I think of it.

Now what I was going to say yesterday is that I have made the decision, and am flying over to Adelaide in Jan for a couple of classes at Creative Edge. I'm booked in for Zina Wright's class on Friday night, and Kate Mason's class on Saturday, midday-ish. Ben had said I could go, so I said if I could book in a few photo sessions while I was there, I would go. Well, so far my cousin and his girlfriend have booked me to photograph their baby girl, but I also got cheap flights, so that was enough to decide. That said, if anyone else wants to book, I still have heaps of time open! Did I say the dates? We get there late Thursday night, the 19th Jan, and leave Sunday afternoon/evening. 'We' is Ash and myself, in case you were wondering ;)

Was there something else? Oh yes - Kate Miller-Heidke is gorgeous and amazing, so talented. I usually divide my time at shows pretty evenly, watching all the different band members, but Kate herself is so enthralling that I, along with much of the audience, was just captivated. She really seemed rather grand for Ruby's (not that there is anything wrong with Ruby's, Kate just has a very powerful voice). That said, the Australian references that pepper her lyrics, her great - and quirky - sense of humour, and the hilarious bogan-style performance by her guitarist at one point, all combined to make it still a very down-to-earth gig. Loved it. Will probably be buying up her latest E.P. if I can track it down, to give to everyone I think will enjoy it. Maybe not, that could get expensive. I know quite a few who I think would like her.

I can hear Ash making mischief in the kitchen, better go rescue something (from him).

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