I don't need to sleep to dream...

Another line from Kate Miller-Heidke. Cool girl. I think she's only 23. Bizarre to be older than a lot of musicians I like or that are coming up now - am used to being young I guess. Will be 26 in January, which is not old of course. But still, heading from mid to late twenties. People expect me to be an adult now!

It is weird for me I think because I was used to surprising people as a teenager by being 'beyond my years', and always felt like an old soul. But now I am struggling to think of myself as the age that I am even though I have two children and have been married for years. But then, it still strikes me as bizarre that Ben will be 30, that Kell is 28, etc, etc!

As cliche as it is, time has raced along since Sienna was born. Gotta hate it when cliches are so obviously hinged on reality - makes it too tempting to resort to using them.

OK, back to the matter at hand - new canvas yesterday, new layout this afternoon - thanks Kell for handing over your new bling cardstock! *cheeky grin* I know you only got it today, you're too good to me! Um, sizes - 12" layout as usual, the canvas is about 40cm wide, 32cm high - my guess from looking across the room anyhow.

Ooh, news, news. Scrapbook Creations seems to like me this week, it is very exciting. Was invited to take part in a future feature, not sure how it will pan out but the invitation to contribute was a thrill in itself. Also am making three layouts for a journalling feature that is coming up. That is the monthly article on journalling that Leanne Mezrani writes.

This morning I wrote a couple of poems with possible layouts in mind. One I am determined to use for the feature, so won't put it here for now. The other one is for my mum, and here 'tis:

mother, i'm a mother now
my heart has overflowed
i know you understand
by memories you hold
from a little yesterday when
this was the journey of your own
mother, you're a grandma now
you're walking a new road
you know i'll understand
now as my babies grow
that the you of you was given me
and taught me all the love that I have known.

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