Quirky Quarmbys

I did this layout yesterday for the second SAM challenge this week, which was to scraplift an alphabetical approach.

Sienna is being a bit of a brat lately - telling us to 'stop' or 'shush' if she doesn't like what we are doing. Tantrums follow when she is told off for being rude :P Fun stuff.

Yesterday she masterminded a joint escape, somehow climbing through the cat door herself before enticing Ash out behind her. I could hear her calling him but didn't realise what was going on until they were at the other end of the verandah! She has also been telling Ash that whatever she's got is "not a toy, Ash", if she doesn't want him to touch it. I say to her, actually, it is a toy! When I say it I am usually talking about dvd players or scrapbooking supplies or something. She was talking about blocks! Very funny.

Sienna has also picked up on my habit of calling Ash 'Mister'. She'll say "What you doing Mister?" or "Where you going Mister?" and it is very cute. She also gets worried and pats him on the head if he falls over or something.

Ash loves stomping his feet as he gallivants all over the house lately. He thinks being able to make noise with his feet is a great joke, and quite enjoys himself. He also loves being chased, and has quite a giggle, even if I am just accidentally going in the same direction, toward the kitchen or similar. He is a very chirpy little guy actually.

Yesterday he got into the pantry and took the lid and then the inside dripper lid thing off the olive oil, spilling it all over the floor. That was after he feasted on cat biscuits. My moving the bowls out of reach (his reach AND the cats as it happens) didn't worry him - he just scouted out single biscuits left in the surrounding area and ate those instead.

Sienna's toilet training is going pretty well, in that she asks for the toilet regularly and doesn't have many accidents. When we were travelling - both Sydney and Adelaide trips - she basically had no accidents at all. She has a few at home sometimes. But the thing that is driving me mad is the number two issue. She knows they earn her a chocolate froggy as reward, so will spend a couple of hours hopping on and off of the potty, calling me to help every single time, and not actually producing anything. She's trying just in case, I guess.

I'm hoping my order from Blue Bazaar arrives today - half is for Kell, but I am looking forward to playing with my new Fancy Pants and MME Magnolia bits and pieces. Finding it hard to be much motivated about housework, but I do feel like scrapping.

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