I have no pictures today, so it will be a bit of a rambling instead, I think. This is a funny time of year - somehow managing to be both busy and relaxed at the same time. Even not celebrating christmas, lots of things were happening. Work stuff, possible holidays, cancelling possible holidays, gardening, illness, processing photography orders. On the other hand, we had two public holidays in a row.

Ben and I are both working on websites at home at the moment, so it is quite funny. Mind you, I need his help and he doesn't need mine :P But we have to keep changing the dns of our homeip, where the 'beta' versions of our websites are displayed. It can only show one at a time, you see. We are also both playing Viva Pinata, but Ben has played much more than me and can tell me tips on 'romancing' pinatas, etc. Quite handy. Usually. I get annoyed if he tells me stuff I don't want to be told though. Grumpy girl that I am :)

Sometimes I think we are a weird little introspective technological family, but all families have their own quirks, I think that is what is normal about us in the end.

I did a layout yesterday that I love, at the moment anyway. It is for the 123 challenge but I haven't photographed or scanned it yet. And I keep wondering if I should use it for something else, as it has given me some techniques ideas.

Hope everyone is having a happy end of year, enjoying holidays if you are on them, etc!

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